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Apartment Monuth Bad Hofgastein
Gasteiner Heilstollen - natürlich schmerzfrei
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Gasteiner Heilstollen - natürlich schmerzfrei

The climate in the Gasteiner Heilstollen is unique – nowhere else in the world
will you find such an atmosphere. So successful is the treatment, it is regarded
as the most effective spa treatment in Gasteinertal.
Radon, warmth and high humidity – these three factors are key to the healing climate.

Health from the depths of the Tauern.

A train takes you 2.5 km into the mountain. The warmth and high humidity elevate the body’s temperature to 38 °C, which subsequently increases the absorption of radon. The inert gas stimulates the body’s metabolism thanks
to its short-wave rays.

The differing temperatures and levels of humidity at the individual ‘stations’ allow treatments to be suited in accordance with the needs of the patients, while taking their tolerance of the conditions into account.



Die natural therapy can be used to treat the following conditions:
• Bechterev’s disease    • Arthrosis  • Fibro-myalgia   • Psoriatic arthritis
• Degenerative spinal conditions   • Respiratory disorders
• Skin conditions   • Allergies

Preventative measures: Gasteiner Heilstollen treatments improve the body’s ability to regulate itself. Therefore they can significantly contribute to maintaining general health.

Gasteiner Heilstollen - weltweit einzigartig

Gasteiner Heilstollen in Böckstein

Radontherapie im Gasteiner Heilstollen

Gasteiner Heilstollen also offers a trial journey into the mountain for those
new to the treatment.

We would be happy to organise appointments for Gasteiner Heilstollen on
your behalf.

[more about the Gasteiner Heilstollen]

Gastein - Ski Berge Thermen
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