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Gasteiner Thermalwasser

In Gastein the source of vitality is concealed within the thermal water. The journey of the water through the Gestein levels of the Hohen Tauern mountain range makes it a valuable commodity and lends it qualities beneficial to your health.

The thermal radon bath is the fundamental
therapy in Gasteinertal.

Our special baths are filled with approximately
480 litres of thermal water.
In accordance with medical prescription, the
water temperature is between 36 and 39 °C,
the duration from 15 to 22 minutes.
Radon content (water from the Elisabethquelle
in Bad Gastein): 52nCi/L.

Enjoy your thermal radon bath in our hotel.
Thermalradonbad - heilend und schmerzstillend

What is radon and how does this radioactive substance work?
The mild natural radioactivity has only positive effects on the body when applied as a curative treatment. The inert gas emanates from the thermal water passing through the airways and skin into the body. There its healing properties go to work straight away, as in just three hours it will have been completely broken down. The immune system is stimulated and the natural warmth promotes blood circulation.
The healing process is supported by the altitude of the Gastein region. As our bodies adjust to the altitude, they produce more red blood cells increasing the delivery of oxygen to our tissue.

Gastein - Ski Berge Thermen
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