Gasteiner Heilstollen

The healing climate in the Gastein Healing Gallery is unique worldwide. The secret of the special healing climate deep within the Radhausberg in Gastein is based upon the unique combination of the following factors: Natural radon content, warmth, humidy, alpine elevation.

Health from the heart of the Hohe Tauern mountains

You will take a 2 km train ride into the mountain, where the therapy begins. Every course of Healing Gallery Therapy begins at Station I (37 °C with a relative humidity of ca. 70%). If your physical condition and the doctor permit it, in subsequent therapy sessions you will be allowed to change to stations with progressively higher temperatures and humidity.

List of indications for the Gasteiner Heilstollen treatment:

• Chronic inflammatory theumatic conditions,
   in particular Bechterew disease  
• Chronic polyarthritis  
• Degenerative diseases  
• Chronic discopathies
• Osteoporosis  
• Fibromyalgia syndrome
• Non-articular rheumatism
• Psoriatic arthropathy or psoriatic arthritis
• Chronic arthritis urica
 Neuralgias, neuritis, polyneuropathia
• Sarcoidosis
• Regeneration
• Immunologic skin balance disorders
• Bronchial asthma
• Hay fewer

Further information about the Radon-Healing-Gallery GASTEINER HEILSTOLLEN

Gasteiner Heilstollen
Gasteiner Heilstollen
Gasteiner Heilstollen
Gasteiner Heilstollen